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the field we begin with developing news in southern california all wild fire in los angeles county has scorched 3,600 a. the williams fire sparked around in the angeles national forest 1500 people evacuated campgrounds that post up to 12,000 visitors have been cleared. the fire 5% contained. the round-the-clock work on dumbarton bridge is paying off a cut opened earlier than the scheduled 5:00 a.m. tuesday time reporter don knapp has more. >>> it is the weather, the bay bridge crews are used to the cold windy foggy weather this week and it is calm and mild i think that as it helped to get the bridge work done. near-perfect weather helps workers move ahead with seismic work on the dumbarton like last time crews take advantage of the close bridge to do other work such as painting a logical fixtures and patching potholes absorbing and do crash absorbent cushion >>> it is going to be open for fast track before that was open only door and car pool hours now will be open for fast track use >>> they are replacing a seismic joint the weekend began vacaville joins out >>> we're preparing for 10
degrees. we have from a strong for chicago. but other than that denver and los angeles look pretty good carried with could be a notch warmer than yesterday. we've 80 degrees in san jose. we 62 at half moon bay. in the east bay, the winds coming of the west and northwest. we have 90 for brentwood. it's still offer the far east. will have 89 degrees. we've 80 in santa rosa today. and a 64 on a chilly side on the beach. and with the numbers and learned to stay in the mid '80s for the majority of the week. and writer on the bay the numbers will be in the '70s and the coast in the '60s. even we had the still stay in the '80s. we of low clouds of the morning and sun in the afternoon. and there's a weather for some day. have a great day. >>> to measures on november ballot are the increased taxes and will increase millions of dollars. >>> prop. 38 would raise income taxes for virtually everyone. in more the differences besides that this morning we ask a prop 38 backer and the big question is where with the money go? >>> the money goes directly to every single public school based on the number o
san francisco on september 20th before touching down in los angeles. >>> cbs 5 chief meteorologist paul deanno had visions about being a shuttle pilot. but the program is done >>> that's a heck of the turn to go over san francisco on his way to los angeles. order and good weather for the 20th, for today picture- perfect, anything and outside excellent today if you cannot get an outside i have good news the weekend looks excellent. the bay bridge clear skies. 61 degrees in oakland 67 san francisco mid-50s santa rosa. the days are getting shorter 66 in concord. radar shows crystal clear the driest time of year it has never rained ever in six of the first 10 days of san francisco. the driest time of the year. we have and onshore flow kicking in overnight mid 50s for the coast some morning fog for the bay especially north bay. partly cloudy skies inland tonight. we have cloud cover off shore. we have a big counterclockwise world off shore upper level low pressure is over the eastern pacific, with the light onshore flow there will be some clouds and fog in the morning a lot of afternoon
chuck reed. >>> a while police chase through the streets of los angeles. when officers were worried about how would end and how their fears came true. the gala of money because people like to take some of the country. the iphone 5 finally arrives. how apple fans managed to stay on top of the latest must have the gadgets. good police or political payback? nine san jose's mayor faces a fine or traffic school for something that many drivers do every day. on what happened and whether the mayor feels that it was, in a police uniform. >>> when chuck reed was pulled over in his blueprints this morning by his own police departments he did not name drop himself. >>> did you say and the mayor? >>> to that didn't ask and i didn't say i handed him my license and registration and he said he would give me a ticket. >>> he got the $35 to get any failed to turn on his turn signal 100 ft. before the intersection the mayor says traffic violators should get tickets a matter who they are. even if you're the mayor of the 10th largest city in the country that's where the way it should be. the data wa
and wisconsin mitt romney plans to court latino voters in los angeles he will speak to the u.s. hispanic chamber of commerce and interview with the spanish network telemundo. he will hold events in texas. the awards a message in a tight presidential race some african american clergy see no good candidate in the race for president won who is a mormon and the other back same-sex marriage. anne mackovic with more. >>> sunday at mount zion church in berkeley for some that means talking politics >>> i don't make recommendations might push is to make sure they vote. >>> in a acp is registering people to thousand eight obama 1 over 95 percent of black voters expected to get an overwhelming majority again but cannot afford to lose much of the base. the president cannot and support of same sex marriage, a touchy issue >>> yes it is >>> on the other hand mitt romney is mormon religion that once barred man of african descent from priesthood >>> i don't really think their religious background or denomination i believe what they can do for the people what they could do to effect change in our nation that is
me proud to be an american >>> on its way to retirement in los angeles, tens of thousands watching endeavors final fly over. >>> there were tears in my eyes to see these people come together >>> a once-in-a-lifetime moment. of aerospace off. >>> one day for everybody to put in their books and witness history >>> spectators snapped as many pictures as they could cbs 5 reporter julie a goodrich shows as fort photos taken by the war's >>> he shares with his wife the moment he witnessed the space shuttle endeavor glide by his san francisco high-rise >>> you could see it with the naked eye and awesome visual out my balcony ever but was out on the balcony's that was so cool >>> like many others throughout the bay area called on rooftops to catch a glimpse conference calls and meetings put on hold >>> i'm on my call a look out the window it comes over the golden gate bridge and i said " there is is so cool " >>> and was the conference call a deal breaker >>> the fly over something people want to pause and seek and share photos with friends >>> i have some great pictures of these are on fa
to los angeles next after more meetings in the bay area anne mackovic cbs 5 >>> so far the much feared carmageddon has not materialized people and los angeles spend the weekend off the freeways, a live look of the construction now. the sequel to last year's first major shutdown of the 451 of the nation's busiest freeways, the project as a 10 mi. stretch of the 4 05 closed for the weekend it appears thousands are heeding the advice to stay home or take alternate routes. >>> the traffic is worth a billion dollars >>> and the millions of hours delayed commuting >>> it is pretty cool >>> the reason for the closure to remove a bridge over the freeway so far construction is an hour ahead of schedule but the mayor says not likely the freeway will reopen before 6:00 a.m. monday morning. governor jerry brown vetoes a bill to ban agencies to interrupt cellphone service without court order. it targeted bart you remember it sparked free-speech debate when a cut cellphone service to disrupt a planned protest, the governor said the bill code divert attention from a true emergency by requiring govern
of this study shows and experience says the in san francisco and los angeles that light sentences for non-violent crimes does nothing to improve safety but over crowds are prison. they release the people from prison and is on a 50% capacity and your 20s and these people who are more serious than they're doing today and people been sentenced to life for minor crimes like shoplifting >>> the data to be felonies >>> but under the california law almost anything north of jaywalking can count on the way the penal code works here >>> we offer report about when they choose to do a felony is the first record not. and how many prisons are we exit talking about art and the prosecutors have discretion >>> proposition 36 brings the original intent of the three strikes law to keep life sentences for violent felon. and for those who 10 non serious and nonviolent crimes like drug possession they are few thousand people there. among those people get released court any relief under the proposition 36. a judge finds them. or no longer a threat to public safety. they have to help people who serve the most my
insider standoff. and we're gonna go live to los angeles with pictures right now of the 405 with no traffic on the highway. will check it out as the car armageddon is coming up. >>> a heated debate got out of control in the east bay between the richmond councilman and a community activist. punches were thrown and one was led away in handcuffs. >>> as the 49ers look ahead to their new home in santa clara are insiders on the past and present and future of the bay area sports. >>> all the details on how hot it will get coming up. >>> welcome back to the news of the time is 9:00 good morning. >>> a lot coming up in the next half-hour taking a look at the other side of the death penalty debate. proposition 34 on the ballot this november. >>> sitting down with the district attorney from san mateo county and if you're shopping in san francisco tomorrow it's going to be a big bit of a change. no more plastic bags. >>> also a spare the air day but were starting this morning the the campaign 2012 coverage. >>> the republican presidential candidate mitt romney and obama are pre
>>> the 2 pieces a car online with from seattle and the one from los angeles is that the paperwork that the proof of the transcripts and school attendance that they have been here and there were getting inundated with the need for all this paperwork. how was it going in severed his coat with a bay area? >>> is taking a week for the schools. the paperwork is back to the applicants. it has not seem like an obstacle. >>> is bombarded with all this work of a sudden. is it becoming a burden? >>> it is not come back to me. >>> and june is here and august and in the school >>> this will be an opportunity that we knew was coming along the summer. the legal aspect for the and the monetary aspect was a pleasant surprise. >>> a 17 year-old goes to do this. does he or she have to come from parents court document or undocumented? >>> the application there are certain requirements as only for the actual applicant. the status of the children and siblings is not with the requirements >>> how knows the are the documents? what they want to know? >>> the first requirement that the show is the individ
burns and rugged terrain 35 mi. north of los angeles teresa garcia explains one of the challenges fire crews in face tonight >>> more than 500 firefighters working to battle the blaze. >>> we're headed to help them >>> firefighters face a triple challenge that terrain is extremely steep and very high and nearly triple digits and the wind is picking up >>> it makes every aspect more difficult it makes it difficult to move personnel and equipment into the area >>> the train so steep firefighters must use aircraft to fight the fire thousands were told to leave camp sites along the san gabriel river, 100 residents to evacuate some with young children took shelter at this evacuation center. a couple dozen others have refused to leave the camp williams community despite mandatory evacuation. >>> we decided to stay here and put up the fight better than wondering how your place is doing i have animals and friends and family >>> so far the fire has not earned any structures teresa garcia cbs news >>> a man shot and killed by officers in vallejo did not have a gun but police said it sure looked
the west this summer of the bear, today in los angeles. >>> memorial service held this morning to of honor public safety members to get died. the 11th year san mateo county has held a service it was inspired by two thousand tomorrow to remember at a firefighter matt smith who died at fire station. >>> we are here not to remember not just an accident, or the death or disease for some, but the character of the men and women who dedicate their lives to serving others. >>> they held a moment of silence for chp officer kenyon youngstrom shot and killed last week in alamo. as southern california freeway was shut down when a bear wandered into the lanes. spotted this morning on the 210 for white north of downtown l.a. all lanes closed in both directions until the department of fish and game arrived wardens follow the 300 lb. bear through montrose's before surrounding get and hitting it with a tranquilizer dart. the bear is taken back to the angeles national forest. >>> the 49ers try to win in green bay for first time in two decades to former a's pitchers take the mound at a lot of people name the
fight over amazon builds giant distribution centers in california like this one outside los angeles 1 million square feet and allows amazon to get items to customers quicker. it expects to offer same-day shipping another blow to breck's and mortars businesses like this computer store in pasadena he is relieved amazons tax advantage in, is gone >>> do you think they'll see more customers? >>> absolutely that savings will be there >>> ben tracy cbs news >>> oakland police department runs into a staffing problem at its lowest level in more than a decade the city has 631 officers, down from 643 earlier and a high of 8374 years ago. it mandates overtime and consolidates patrols and cuts down on curfew enforcement the chief says numbers will continue to decline until a new academy graduates in january. san jose state won students to watch after an attempted robbery reported on campus. four or five men tried to rob a man on campus at 1:15 a.m. yesterday morning one of the suspects pulled out of pocket knife the victim was not a university student and got a white. the university urges student
of innocent life. >>> the message at interfaith gathering in los angeles the filmmaker lives in serrado's and his family are in hiding. >>> we get a better idea about what happened the moments after the fire assault at the u.s. consulate in libya charlie daggata shows us how some libyans tried to rescue ambassador chris stevens when they discovered him inside the consulate barely alive. >>> this video shot in the chaotic hours after the consulate was attacked and ambassador stephen skype. in darkness you can see some libyans try to save his life trying to carry his body to safety you don't see any of his american security team it is unclear how they became separated. this resident shot the video he told us he heard somebody yell " there's a body of corner " but nobody recognized the ambassador. >>> god is great he's alive >>> he did not see any bruising or bleeding but the ambassadors face was read his lips were black they try to find a doctor but there was none and helped get the ambassador to the hospital. the attack continued, a libyan security official told us his team started to ev
its permanent home the california at science center museum in los angeles. >>>shuttle has ever been to northern california before >>> nasa says you should be able to use see the shuttle everywhere all over the bay area but will fog be a problem we check in with meteorologist paul deanno and the best spots to see endeavor >>> 24 hours ago at what that man a problem then move the fly over to a letter signed between 930 and 10:30 a.m. the forecast should be fine the shuttle will go flyby over sacramento area at 930-, endeavor passes over the chabot space and science center and, if both of those prime viewing areas it as a couple of loops over the bay at passing low over the golden gate bridge and into nasa ames and then over san jose and monterey bay aquarium ever body in the bay area will get a chance to seek the low-flying space shuttle. future cast predicts some cloud cover moving and at around four or 5:00, the onshore flow not as strong as the fog will burn off earlier by 10:00 we should be clear, it is a great idea they'd allow the flight when our taking things later tomorrow bel
>>> brown sign the bill during a visit to los angeles planned parenthood he says california expense access to birth control and we affirm everywoman's basic constitutional right. another loss signed into law california doctors have to let women know if they have a certain condition that could raise risk of a mess breast cancer diagnosis, the bill forces doctors to inform patients with dense breast tissue, that tissue cut masked mammography results the governor vetoed the bill last year because he thought notification to cause unnecessary anxiety the new measure tweaks the warning in the bill. and campaign 2012 election day more than six weeks away, and pushing on for both president obama and challenger mitt romney they spent the saturday raising cash. dru levenson with more. >>> president barack obama came to wisconsin hungry for votes and food. >>> you-to try these >>> the president's motorcade made a stop at a milwaukee deli famous for its sausage >>> i was able to have an outstanding sampling of brought worst >>> president obama said it takes more than one term to fix the economy he ham
also dropped in two counties san francisco 1 los angeles that refuse to participate >>> you have participatory democracy not one-size-fits-all and this is beautiful >>> a vast majority of prosecutors aboard three strikes but it does bring causing inconsistency state wide >>> in san francisco anne mackovic cbs 5 >>> and campaign 2012 president obama and mitt romney featured on 60 minutes, as questions about a wide variety of issues including the economy dru levenson on how the candidates responded >>> on 60 minutes gop candidate mitt romney later up part of his economic plan to scott pelley. >>> u.s. the american people to hire u.s. president the want to hear specifics >>> i can tell them i will not raise taxes on middle income folks i will not lower the share of taxes paid by high income individuals >>> president obama criticized romney's plan >>> it only seems to have won no tax cuts for the wealthy and roll back regulations >>> romney has called upon the president to be more aggressive over the syrian revolt >>> if governor romney is suggesting we should start another war he s
goodrich cbs 5 >>> a los angeles man enjoys this first night of freedom since 1993. cheers in the court room as the judge ordered the release of convicted murderer john smith prosecutors say the chief witness recanted saying the police pressured him, his grandmother more restaurant to pay for his defense. >>> i'm happy and sad but the part of me in there with him on free now to >>> john smith is 37 years old he entered the courtroom wearing the prison jumpsuit but was released by the end of the day >>> the c h p investigates l a pedestrian and the up in the path of speeding cars on 680, the man was killed after being struck by two cars near the storm ridge exit near pleasanton all southbound lanes were shut down for three hours. jury selection under way for the woman in the center of the crime lab controversy debra man in accused of stealing evidence from the lab where she worked as a technician. the lab was closed two years ago hundreds of criminal cases thrown out because of the alleged tampering. definition of small apartment in san francisco could change, supervisors will vote wheth
a break from reality. this is her second and last stop on friday to be it signing books in los angeles. perhaps a little bit too much gray around the golden gate today we have lots of cloud cover and continue to see that streaming through the golden gate tonight is live look at the foot of the bay bridge will talk about the ets there is heat coming our forecast and that is coming up next. and now cbs five chief meteorologist says and now i feel like a game show host. service says it here's a peek outside member is going up my be the price is right hire a beautiful shot here city hall cloud cover very problem this evening and temperatures dropped down to the mid '50s by 6:00 this evening now let's look at where we are right now san francisco 54 center residents of is by at 52 (56 livermore 61 in concord a currently 59 degrees to man is not a cloud cover sitting just off shore it's a close to the coastline of a long and now will push in and ended the day once again. the warmer weather the dry weather is sunny weather unscathed to get here on thursday between now and then high pressure be
drivers will get a fair shake linda yee cbs 5 >>> it has the name fit for los angeles carmageddon last year the freeway closure turn out to be over high cruz warned this weekend's sequel could be at headache authority shut down a 10 mi. stretch of the 4 05 at midnight it is not scheduled to reopen until 6:00 a.m. monday morning closures of crews to demolish a bridge. >>> the iran's may come and bring new worries for a marin deborah and the property in san anselmo has been washing away and the owner does nothing about it don ford with two was taking action. >>> in san anselmo plans a takeover what it wants to get its hands on this property on scene and gavin a the problem it is a hazard the city has been looking for the owner. >>> he has not been in contact with us >>> he needs to come back to his back to his own in pakistan >>> serious problems frighten the neighbors. the city was forced to step in and save the street and homes, holding that the mud with concrete barriers and protecting the slope. >>> that was a year and a half ago on with been unable to contact him with gone to the co
out there. the temperatures committees the southland in los angeles. the bay area will be unusually cool for this time of year. is not happen today. but ec eminent will slowly began to increase in numbers and he 21. we go up no. 8 with 76 in santa rosa and 57 and the debate. the 68 for oakland as we look ahead and friday for cast members began to come out and by next thursday and friday will be in the '90s and around the bay the numbers will be in the mid-70s and along the coast pretty much the mid- 60s. that is not bad. have a great some day everyone. >>> the big question now is how the u.s. since stepped up against a car parts in india and china. the found alarming results to the director of children and families program the center of the next generation she also offered the new report. and what were the findings >>> the findings of china and india are ramping up compared team as it treats our turn for example house about 20 or 30 or 2 million college graduates to announce more than the entire united states work force. in india as well will be four times as many high-school gradu
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21